Class Teaching Strategies and Techniques

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    The Teaching Techniques and Strategies Curricular Unit (CU) is part of the 1st cycle in Physical Education and Sport. It aims to develop knowledge and work skills in the field of sport and physical activities didactics. It is intended that students learn different models, styles and techniques for teaching sports and physical education. The development of basic skills of planning, performing and evaluating the teaching of sports and physical activities, will be decisive for professional performance as future sports teachers and coaches, both in terms of planning and action. Throughout this CU it is also intended that students identify different didactic dimensions and action strategies that can be applied in different professional contexts in the field of sport and physical activity.

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  • Syllabus


    LC1. The Physical Education class

    1. The model of knowledge structure.

    2. Class organization.

    3. Class management (session plan).

    LC2. Teaching styles and instructional models in Physical Education

    1. Features of the Mosston teaching styles model.

    2. Characterization of convergent and divergent teaching styles.

    LC3. Instructional Models

    1. Components and dimensions of Instructional Models.

    3. Characterization and study of eight instructional models.

  • Objectives


    It is intended that students acquire knowledge and skills in order to understanding the importance of the pedagogical dimension in different contexts of sport through the study of good pedagogical practices and various educational strategies referenced in the current bibliography.

    Defining the learning objectives (LO), it is intended that students who attend this CU:

    LO 1) Develop basic skills for planning, carrying out and evaluating the teaching of a physical and sports activity.

    LO 2) Know how to select different teaching styles according to educational contexts and objectives.

    LO 2) Acquire knowledge and skills related to the application of different models of instruction in PE.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Different teaching methodologies (ME) will be used: Expository classes (ME1), Resolution of practical cases (ME2), Flipped classroom (ME3), Bibliographical research (ME4), Game-based activities (ME5), Activities in small group (ME6), Pedagogic feedback (ME7), Project construction (ME8).

  • References


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