Class Introdução à Investigação em Desporto e Atividade Física

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    The UC Introduction to Research in Sport and Physical Activity is part of the 1st cycle in Physical Education and Sport. The syllabus of this UC allow the student to become familiar with the research, writing and scientific communication methodologies that are fundamental for the analysis, preparation and evaluation of scientific and academic documents. The knowledge that students are expected to acquire during the UC is essential for students to (1) acquire new knowledge independently, (2) be able to understand the scientific basis of Physical Education and Sport, (3) have a perspective critical of existing scientific knowledge and that will be generated, and (4) can, in the future, maintain an updated and evidence-based professional practice.


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  • Syllabus


    [CP - syllabus contents]


    Definition of concepts

    • Sources of information
    • Data bases
    • Search strategy
    • Bibliographic references and reference managers


    • Types of scientific publications
    • Standards for the elaboration of scientific publications
    • Abstracts
    • Articles
    • Communication (poster and oral)
  • Objectives


    It is intended that students acquire knowledge and skills that allow them to understand the scientific process, use search engines and bibliographic databases to support work, correctly reference the sources used to carry out work and create communication tools with resources to specific programs.

    By defining the learning objectives (LO), it is intended that students who attend this UC:

    LO1. Acquire knowledge about the scientific process, types of studies and levels of scientific evidence;

    LO2. Learn about research tools and bibliographic referencing software;

    LO3. Acquire research and referencing skills;

    LO4. Acquire knowledge to prepare the materials necessary for the scientific and pedagogical scope.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Different teaching methodologies (ME) will be used: Expository classes (ME1): Resolution of practical cases (ME2), Viewing and discussion of documentaries/videos (ME3), Bibliographic research (ME4), Analysis of scientific articles (ME5) , Small group activities (ME6), Feedback information provided by the teacher about the work carried out (ME7).

  • References


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