Class Voleibol

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    This CU should provide updated background knowledge and skills related to volleyball teaching / training in different contexts.

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  • Syllabus


    I - Volleybal teaching methodology 

            1. Volleyball demands as team sport 

            2. Motor learning principles applied to Volleyball 

            3. Individual and team tactics teaching principles

            4. Drill design, lesson and didatical unit plans

    II - Fundamental individual techniques and tactics study

           1.  Serve

           2. Forearm pass 

           3. Overarm pass

           4. Spike

           5. Block

           6. Defensive techniques

    III - Basic  tactical structure of modified games study 

           1. Pre-Volleyball games

           2. Modified games (1x1; 2x2; 3x3).

           3. Formal game (6x6).  

  • Objectives


    This UC should provide updated background knowledge and skills related to volleyball teaching / training in different contexts:

    1) Acquiring knowledge about the history, the basic rules, the techniques / tactics (as well as the main mistakes made and their respective forms of correction) and the preparation of lesson plans / training and didactic units; also acquire, from the motor point of view, the technical / tactical procedures that enhance their ability to teach / demonstrate;

    2) Understanding the principles governing the teaching / learning of sports movements, tactics and didactic / methodological organization necessary for volleyball education;

    3) Appropriately applying technical / learned procedures and, in a planning / intervention situation, the knowledge acquired, in an exercise-criterion situation and in reduced or formal play.

    4) Acquire scientific, operational and transversal (learning predisposition, group work, respect, safety, communication)  competencies.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Pedagogical practice situations will be developed in a simulated situation, aiming to learn observation, design and intervention skills and solving practical problems after discussion in small groups.

  • References


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