Class Foundations and History of Social Work

  • Presentation


    To understand the fundamentals of Social Work, it is necessary to draw on the antecedents of Assistance dating back to Classical Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and Industrialization. Social Work comes with the Schools and Social Work. It acquires its identity in social intervention and later in research. The relevance of knowledge creation linked to intervention today places Social Work as a partner in knowledge creation and as the oldest profession of social intervention

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  • Syllabus


    1. Contextualization of Social Work-ontological bases

    - What is Social Work

    - Dimensions and structuring axes of the profession

    2 - Background of Social Protection and Social Work

    -The 'social issue' and social protection in liberal capitalism

    -The State and the institutionalization of

    3 - Genesis, Emergency and Evolution of Social Work at International Level

    -Ethical, philosophical, sociological and political foundations

    -Historical conditions of your emergency

    -The first formulations of Social Work and its evolution

    4 - The Reformulation of Social Work. A new paradigm in the 60s/70s. The new

    Contemporary Challenges

    -The Reconceptualization Movement

    -Social Work in the context of globalization

    5 - Social Work in Portugal: Genesis, evolution and institutionalization

    -The implementation of democracy and perspectives for the profession

    - Academic qualification. Theoretical-practical and ethical-policy requirements

    - Social Work in today's world

  • Objectives


    .Acquire basic conceptual tools for understanding, analyzing and critiquing the philosophical, political and theoretical foundations of Social Work and its historical evolution. Understand the evolution of Social Work. Learn the articulation of Social Work with other disciplines. Understand the articulation of Social Work with Social Policies. Understand Social Work today. 

  • References


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