Class Traineeship IV and report (dissertation)

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    The syllabus of stage IV and report is as a support to the teaching/learning process in the context of training. Aimed at monitoring the learning and study support, programming, implementation and evaluation of training activities. It is intended, too, in this space, reflect on knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of specific social work professionals.

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  • Syllabus


    1 - Deepening of specific problems

    2 - Reorientation of the work plan with regard to intervention and research

    3- Guidance and application of research tools

    4 - Guidance for the analysis and processing of data

    5- Knowledge construction in theory / practice articulation

    6 - Contextualized and reflective approach to the internship experience

    7 - Systematization of experience in the monographic report

    8 - Ethical and deontological issues in intervention and research in Social Work


  • Objectives



    - Ability to plan and evaluate fortnightly the objectives, activities, methods and techniques and resources mobilized to practice internship in that period

    - Ability to deepen specific problems and main theoretical contributions as essential elements for the construction of the objects of intervention and research

    - Ability to operationalize methods and techniques of observation, study and diagnosis

    - Ability to define intervention and research strategies that respond to the needs of the users / population in a concrete organizational and territorial context

    - Ability to prepare a monographic report duly based on the needs of users, contextualized in time and space

    - Ability to acquire professional positions, values and attitudes

    - Ability to develop a critical and self-critical posture in the performance and evaluation of the internship experience.




  • References


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