Class Lifespan Neuropsychology

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    This is a UC that covers issues related to the entire life cycle and the neuropsychologist's areas of expertise in specific domains.

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  • Syllabus



    • Lifespan: Conceptual Foundations
    • Fundamental changes during the lifespan
    • Neurodevelopmental disorders Acquired brain injury across the lifespan
    • Central nervous system disorders in the elderly ¿ Delirium and major neurocognitive disorders. Intervention in dementia
  • Objectives


    LO1: Define and identify major neurodevelopmental disorders, neuropsychological syndromes of adulthood and central nervous system disorders in old age.

    LO2: Differentiate the cognitive and functional implications of life cycle disorders.

    LO3: Develop a proposal for neuropsychological assessment at different stages of the life cycle.

    LO4: Apply and integrate theoretical knowledge in the conceptualization of specific cases of life cycle disturbance.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The course contents will be taught through oral presentation, interactive dialogue and group discussion, with feedback from the teacher, and small group exercise on research and analysis of scientific papers.

  • References


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