Class Cognitive Neuroscience

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    Theoretical-practical unit that uses the laboratory of experimental psychology and neurophysiological
    measures as resources for the classes.

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  • Syllabus


    • Introduction and History of Cognitive Neuroscience
    • Neuroanatomy and Physiological Basis of Neuronal Excitability
      • Complex neuronal activity
    • Brain Imaging and Psychophysiology Methods
      • Structural and functional imaging
      • Electroencephalography
    • Emotions and Affective Processing
      • Neuronal structures of emotions
      • Emotion processing models
    • Attentional Processes and Brain Structures
    • The Earing Brain
      • Neuroanatomical and functional organization of auditory processing
      • Voice, speech and communication processing
    • The Visual Brain
      • Retinotopic cortex
      • Visual object recognition
    • Memory and Mnesic Processes
      • Types of memory
    • Executive Functioning and Movement
      • Frontal lobes and movement
      • Sensory-motor integration
    • Brain Structures of Social Cognition
    • Introduction to Complex Neural Systems
      • Default Mode Network
      • Executive Fronto-Parietal Network
    • Practical Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience
      • Clinical Neuropsychology
      • Psychotherapy
  • Objectives


    This curricular unit aims to address the main experimental paradigms in the study of brain processes with
    the use of neurophysiological methods. The student will be able to understand, select and use the most
    appropriate neurophysiological method to study the activity of the Central or the Peripheral Nervous

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The course is taught on a theoretical-practical basis, using the expository method with the aid of audiovisual media and relevant scientific articles. The practical classes, will be focused on individual work. When possible, classes are planned in the laboratory to demonstrate the functioning of psychophysiological techniques, or in the classroom for data processing and analysis. 

  • References


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