Class Avaliação Neuropsicológica - Temas Avançados

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    This course seeks to describe and study the most innovative techniques of neuropsychological assessment, where the use of new technologies and the most recent techniques for neuropsychological assessment in different problems and populations will be exposed.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Neuropsychological assessment methods: traditional vs current
    2. New directions in neuropsychological assessment
    3. New technologies in neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation
    4. Virtual Reality (VR) in neuropsychology: applicability
    5. VR and cognitive rehabilitation
    6. Discussion of articles within the thematic of VR and cognitive rehabilitation


  • Objectives


    It is intended to expose, analyse and discuss advanced topics in neuropsychological assessment in different areas of brain functioning.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Lectures whose contents are developed in theoretical-practical groups, with individual presentations of the developmental themes, practical sessions, discussion and presentation of two articles (15%) and the elaboration of a group work (45%) and written exam (40%). The group work will be carried out individually or in groups of 2 people, and it consists on the elaboration of an intervention program using advanced techniques of neuropsychological assessment, delivered in digital format until the last day of classes of the semester, maximum 15 pages. The written exam will last 2 hours and will consist of theoretical questions and practical exercises.

  • References


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