Class Avaliação e Diagnóstico Neuropsicológico

  • Presentation


    This Curricular Unit (CU) will play a crucial role in helping students acquire and apply knowledge related to neuropsychological assessment and diagnosis, while also fostering the development of essential skills for professional practice in this specialized field. By providing a comprehensive understanding of these topics, this course offers a unique opportunity for students to advance their training in the field of clinical neuropsychology.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Historical view of neuropsychology and neuropsychological assessment

    2. Neuropsychological assessment and psychometrics: theoretical foundations 

    3. Neuropsychological assessment and diagnosis

      1. General principles of neuropsychological assessment

      2. Evaluation process

      3. Clinical history

      4. Neuropsychological examination 

    4. Specific tests to evaluate the main cognitive functions:

      1. Orientation

      2. Attention

      3. Perception

      4. Memory

      5. Language

      6. Praxis

      7. Gnosis

      8. Executive functions

    5. Fixed neuropsychological assessment batteries 

    6. Fixed neuropsychological assessment batteries vs. flexible neuropsychological assessment batteries

    7. Selection of neuropsychological tests 

    8. Administration and Interpretation of results: neuropsychological assessment report

  • Objectives


    This Curricular Unit (CU) intends to present, analyse and discuss the contents on neuropsychological assessment and diagnosis in the different neuropsychological contexts to achieve the following objectives:

    1) To acquire knowledge about the steps of the neuropsychological evaluation process;

    2) Promote the acquisition of knowledge about the use of specific tests of neuropsychological evaluation, fixed battery neuropsychological vs. flexible neuropsychological battery;

    3) To promote knowledge about the tests used in neuropsychological diagnosis;

    4) To generate competences related to the application, scoring and interpretation of the results of the main neuropsychological tests;

    5) Provide students with the skills necessary to prepare a neuropsychological assessment report. 

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The methodologies are expositive and demonstrative. After the theoretical exposition of the contents, these will be approached in a practical way that includes roleplay and exercises of application, scoring and interpretation of results as also the preparation of neuropsychological assessment reports. The evaluation includes the group preparation of two practical works (50% each). The first consists in conducting a neuropsychological assessment requiring the selection of a battery of tests, its application to a healthy adult, scoring and interpretation of the results and writing the report. The second practical work is a theoretical revision on a specific test, selected by the teacher of this CU The final exam focuses on the contents of the theoretical and practical classes (100%). Class attendance is mandatory. It is expected that the performance in the different moments of evaluation will guarantee the acquisition of the necessary skills for the approval in this curricular unit. 

  • References


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