Class Cognition in the Life Cycle

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    This course aims to provide a perspective of development throughout life, conceptualizing the different stages of the life cycle and resulting from both external (e.g. environmental) and internal factors (i.e. genetic). 

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    1. Introduction to the perspective of lifelong development

    1.1. Concept, contexts and factors of lifelong development

    1.2. Theoretical Models on Child, Adolescent and Adult Development

    1.3. Methodological considerations on human life-cycle development research

    2. Principles of cerebral development

    2.1. Development of the functional systems

    2.2. Parallelisms between cerebral and cognitive development

    3. Cognitive and socio-cognitive development throughout the life cycle

    3.1. Changes in cognitive functions: attention and memory, language, decision making and executive control. 

    3.2. Developmental tasks and socio-cognitive development in the life cycle

    3.3. Main neurodevelopmental disorders

    4. Cognitive Development and Education: Mutual Implications

    4.1. The classroom as a context for cognitive development

    4.2. Metacognition and self-regulated learning 


  • Objectives


    The objectives are focused on acquiring knowledge in the following points: 1) provide scientific knowledge about cognitive development throughout life; 2) contribute to understanding the implications of theories of cognitive development for teaching and learning. The following competences are: a) ability to understand development across the life course (e.g. development of cognitive/executive functions and age-related expected capacities such as the phases corresponding to childhood, adolescence or adulthood); b) scientific literacy in the field of human development. 

  • References


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