Class Culture in the Flow of Ideas

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    Curricular unit whose purpose is to introduce a cultural perspective in the observation, understanding and development of project exercises, within the scope of material culture.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Contextualization within the scope of Intrinsic and Extrinsic meanings. Objective and Subjective perspectives
    2. Text and Image in the context of Intertext, Metatext and Hypertheme, as elements of significance and reference
    3. Image interpretation and production within the scope of the Stylemma, of the Style, and Author self-reference
    4. Narrative symbolism within the scope of descriptive processes - characteristics enumeration, explanatory processes - demonstration of functionality, and imaginative - in addition to descriptive and functional characteristics
    5. Semantic Sequences in the scope of the Assonance, through the repetition of the "item" or its elements that connect the narrative, and the Enigma, through the ambiguous description with the
    objective of decoding and identification.
    6. Utopias within utopian, dystopian and uchronic frameworks, contextualized in obedience/disobedience processes, entropy and chaos.
    7. Cascading effect on invention and ideas.

  • Objectives


    At the end of the Curriculum Unit, students should identify and understand:

    • Master narratives, local narratives, overlapping and narratives intermeshing;
    • Concepts of social, cultural, political, and civilizational constellation;
    • Dynamics of inclusion, exclusion and fusion of civilizations, in the scope of values, customs and habits;
    • Dynamics of cultural interaction;
    • Processes of restoration and return to normality, in the context of cultural narratives;
    • Dynamics of identity creation through processes of cultural alterity.
  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Multiple referential perspectives of practical and theoretical research through reading, viewing and access to still and moving image archives.

    Strong relationship between design practice and art through an expanded view of both.

    Strong relationship between multidirectional practical and theoretical actions through individual and group research exercises.

  • References


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