Class Project Seminar III

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    The UC Project Seminar III, develops in the 3rd Semester, oriented to practice and exercises in the project context. The contents are selected from a wide range of themes, emphasizing a holistic view of Design and integrating practical examples within the scope of actions of Mutation, Recombination and Migration of visual vocabularies. Project Seminar III represents a period of awareness of the image as a primordial language and the practice focuses on Visualization exercises. The basic methodology is theoretically linked to the methodology of the Visual Arts, namely in the field of perception and identification of audiences, but the model of content management in the classroom (through the selection of binomials, around which the transdiscipline is explored) extends the ability and involvement of students for "apprehension" and "abstraction", thus privileging actions related to "acting", "realization" and "materialization" processes.

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  • Syllabus


    Foundations for language; PROJECT and METHOD Ideas/Ideals.

    Presentation of the eLivrObjecto and LivrEdições field and lexicon Syllables, Words, Texts, Hypertexts in the context of visual methodology

    Presentation of themes for construction/deconstruction exercises

    Choice of individual themes of awareness processes of perception and production of the visual object from the exploration of Binomials


    Weekly visualization exercises starting from Text\Image

  • Objectives


    The Project III Seminar UC reinforces existing competences and stimulates consistency in the realization as well as the ability to argue about the efficiency of that realization, in the field of Visualization; students are mobilized through visual stimuli and invited to: - Share different design knowledge and methods, within the framework of contextualized reasoning and methodologies in design actions. - Share execution procedures within the scope of practical activities other than design, contextualized in project actions. - Produce and experience the realization of a work, within the scope of contextualized practices in project actions. - Share design methods and experiences in areas related to design.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The teaching-learning process in Project Seminar III is defined by a system of activation of memories, values and ideals, which allow the development of individual and collective culture awareness. The teaching model is based on an active and dynamic pedagogical practice, i.e., it allows exploring the creative capacity when subject to conceptual stimuli and simultaneously exploring the result in confrontation with the result of the 'other'. The use of binomials as a stimulus, such as Utopia/Dystopia or Food/Sentiment, allows conducting teaching contact time through a network of visualization and cultural values as extensive and diverse as the students' participation network. Throughout the classes, the binomials selected as 'propellers' and the weekly exercises allow each student to become aware of their own visual universe, aware of a visual grammar that progresses and becomes efficient as they expose and confront themselves in the weekly presentations .

  • References


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