Class Gestão, Tratamento e Valorização de Resíduos

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    This course pretends to present the concepts and methods related to municipal solid waste and industrial waste at all stages of its management, from prevention to final disposal.

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  • Syllabus


     - Solid Waste Management: review of concepts; legal framework and definitions; production, classification and composition; integrated management; the circular economy and its relationship with waste management; national and international overview; collection and transport

     - Waste valorization: regulation, hazard classification, identification of the most viable waste recovery and the works where they can be applied, laboratory and field characterization tests, monitoring instruments.

     - Mechanical treatment.

     - Energy valorization.

     - Material recycling and management of special flows.

     - Technical aspects of the bioeconomy: recovery of organic waste

     - Waste containment / landfill: regulation, design, construction, operation and monitoring of the work.

     - Social and economic aspects: social perceptions; economic instruments.

  • Objectives


    Mastery of concepts and methods related to municipal solid waste and industrial waste at all stages of its management, from prevention to final disposal. Knowledge of the several technologies of waste treatment. Knowledge about the management of specific waste streams. Practical knowledge of the national reality in terms of waste management, for example through technical visits. Practical exercises on the thematic approached.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Expository / interrogative method; development of works and challenges using bibliographic research and internet; individual / group work, case studies aim to apply and amplify acquired knowledge, reflection and discussion.

    Active learning methodologies, namely: Case Study Analysis; Brainstorming; Role Play, Flipped Learning, Mind Maps, systemic thinking, favouring the 4 C's of Education (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity).

  • References


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