Class Writing and Film Development

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    Projects: creative treatment, script creation.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Discussion of individual application projects

    2. Development paths: research

    3. Basic aspects of film project construction

    4. Basic aspects of script construction 

    4.1 The question of adaptation (where applicable)

    4.2 Character creation

    4.3 Structure

    4.4 The scene

    5. Creative practice in screenwriting and treatment

  • Objectives


    Project development. Development of written expression mechanisms in the context of film production. Creation of a script or treatment, applying the appropriate methods and techniques to the respective object. 

    By the end of the semester, the student should have learnt about the various possibilities for approaching the writing of a cinematographic object. They should also have developed a critical sense of the writing and development process.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The syllabus will be taught using various methods - expository, demonstrative and experimental. Various audiovisual and multimedia media will be used, including projection of PowerPoint documents and screenings. Reflection texts on the content will be made available. 

    Assessment will be continuous and centred on the development process. 

    Any subsequent exams will consist of a written test on the content taught (see bibliography) and the submission, on the same date, of a statement of intent, synopsis and character description.

  • References


    — ALTMAN, Rick (2008). A Theory of Narrative. Nova Iorque: Columbia University Press 

    — BALLON, Rachel (2005). Blueprint for Screenwriting. A Complete Writer’s Guide to Story Structure and Character Development. Londres: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

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