Class Film Dramaturgy

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    In this seminar, we will work on the idea and practice of dramaturgy for and in cinema, focusing mainly on the transition from text (script) to image and on the work of and with the actor.

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  • Syllabus


    Part I
    1. Normative dramaturgy and critical dramaturgy
    2. The main dramaturgical categories
    3. Forms of narration
    4. Dramaturgical script studies

    Part II
    1. From the text to the stage and the actor - from the actor to the text
    2. Introduction to methods and schools of actor construction
    3. Presentation and discussion of film acting cases
    4. The rehearsal: exercises in dramaturgical application and analysis

  • Objectives


    The aim is firstly to give an introduction to the history of dramaturgical thought, with a particular focus on its modern and contemporary aspects. Considering film dramaturgy, the general content of the seminar centres on the passage from text (script) to image and on the work of and with the actor. With regard to the first aspect, screenplays will be read and analysed, giving an account of and discussing their "mechanics"; with regard to the second aspect, some acting school methods will be presented and exercises will be carried out that take the author's work as their object, problematising the role of the essay in cinema.

    1. Historical knowledge of the evolution of dramatic construction thinking.

    2. Structuring dramaturgical thinking and praxis in filmmaking projects.

    3. Ability to consider the actor's representation within the framework of the filmic device.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Theoretical exposition and applied theory: presentation of in-depth case studies. This seminar will have a practical part, and exercises will be carried out, both in terms of examples and experimentation.

    Assessment will be based on attendance and participation in the sessions and the preparation, for each part, of a report on what has been learnt (1000 words) framed by a motto set by the teachers.

  • References


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