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  • Syllabus


    Writing Lab: mini-series conception
    I. Introduction
    1. The series - relevant processes and cases (classic and recent)
    2. Stages of the creative conception of the structure of a mini-series of four 30-minute episodes
    II. Creative practice
    1. Thematic definition of the idea
    2. Fictional universe and reception
    3. Starting problem or logline
    4. Character construction
    5. General synopsis
    5. Description of the action per episode
    6. Start of the series: script writing
    7. The art of dialogue

  • Objectives


    As this is a Writing Lab, the aim is to work on the creative conception processes for the structure of a mini-series of four 30-minute episodes.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Design and development of a writing project in the form of a practical laboratory, plus individual out-of-class work.

    Assessment will be based on participation in the sessions and completion of the stages to be defined in the writing design process.

  • References


    - DOUGLAS, Pamela (2011). Writing the TV Drama Series. Michael Wise Productions, third edition

    - EGRI, Lajos (1946) - The Art of Dramatic Writing. New York, Simon & Schuster

    - RABKIN, William (2017). Writing The Pilot. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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