Class Scientific Research Methodology

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    Methodologies for cinematographic and artistic research work, for critical analysis, for the construction of scientific texts.

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  • Syllabus


    Preliminary note: after a first session with the screening of a film and presentation of the seminar, the following two sessions will be led by Professor Hermano Carmo (from the Institute of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Lisbon).

    1. Methodology as a guiding device for research
    1.1 Delimiting the field of research
    1.2 Defining the direction of the research
    1.3 Building analysis models
    1.4 Organising the research
    1.5 Case study [speculative example: "Une Histoire de Vent" (Joris Ivens, filmed between 1984-1988) or another film]
    2. Objects of study in cinema
    2.1 Local cinematographies; Genres; Identity; Monographs; Comparative studies
    3. The operative critical analysis of the film
    4. Artistic research: new challenges
    4.1 Cinema as research
    5. The foundations of dissertation work (theoretical research)

    5.1 Starting points

    5.2 The basics of writing a critical report ("paper")

  • Objectives


    1. Critical and operational overview of the fields of applied scientific work in the field of film studies.
    2. Ability to outline their own working method in the context of film studies research.
    3. Perspective on film practice as research.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Theoretical exposition and applied theory, with case presentations.

    Assessment will be based on attendance and participation in the sessions; and discussion of the theme or subject, the bibliography and working documents, and the introductory research question (dissertation work or critical report).

  • References


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