Class Cinema Theory Issues

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    In this curricular unit, we proceed to the development of film theory questions that frame critical discourse and research on image-movement, focusing on the analysis of fictional and documentary forms and forces. As a rule, depending on the research work, the specific contents to be worked on in each semester will be distinct.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Basic concepts of film theory

    2. Forms and gestures in dialogue and tension

    2.1 Formal relationships between different films

    3. Transversal forces of the cinematographic image

    3.1 Fiction and invention

    3.2 Knowledge and self-knowledge

    3.3 Experimentation

    3.4 The voice of cinema

    4. Intercession and creation: beyond fiction and documentary

    4.1 Case Studies

    5. Questioning the forms of genre

    5.1 From form to format: analysis of the discursive field

  • Objectives


    We intend to present content of thought and reflect on the experience of the cinematographic image, focusing on the creative process linked to both the territory of fiction and that of documentary. In this last aspect, we will deal with processes of overcoming these two great forms, including the historical roots of the fading of the line between documentary and fiction, linked to direct cinema. It is about promoting the recognition and debate of theoretical issues concerning contemporary cinema, and promoting the historical and analytical understanding of the creative processes in documentary cinema and fictional cinema. At the same time, the understanding of the film's perspective in relation to the historical, geographical and cultural context will be privileged, whether in isolated films, or considering the global work of filmmakers, thereby exercising the ability to develop relevant conceptual arguments in the field of film theory.

  • References


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