Class Sports Psychology Applied to Football

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    This curricular unit explores the psychological dimension associated with the processes of traning and competiion in soccer that contributes to the development of athletes as well as other agents with a particular focus on coaches. In this perspective it seeks to mobilize the main theoretical paradigms and promote the assesment and development of intervention strategies.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Behavioral planning and goal management.

    2. Individual and team performance analysis.

    3. Emotions, Soccer and psychological skills training.

    4. Leadership, cohesion and group environment.

    5. Ethical learning and development.

    6. Athlete career and team development.

    7. The Sport Psychologist: mission and competences in soccer.

    8. Neurospsychology and Soccer.

  • Objectives


    1- Promote knowledge about the importance of the psychological component (antecedent and consequent) in the processes of training and competition in Soccer.

    2- Identify and explain the psychological variables involved and to develop in the Soccer athlete, as well as in other agents, mobilizing for such constructs coming from the main theoretical paradigms.

    3- Reflect and train the issues related to the evaluation of the identified psychological constructs and the development of intervention strategies.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Different teaching methodologies (ME) will be used: Discussion of practical cases (ME1), Viewing and discussion of documentaries/videos (ME2), Small group activities (ME3), Feedback information provided by the teacher about the work carried out (ME4).

  • References


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