Class Métodos de Investigação em Psicologia Social e das Organizações I

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    This curricular unit provides students with research skills in Psychology, focusing on Social and Organizational Psychology, focusing on the first phase of research: research designs, problems and questions, research methodologies and ethical procedures.

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  • Syllabus


    CP 1 Evidence-based practice and scientific relevance: Levels of scientific evidence . 

    CP 2 The research process
         2.1 Literature review and state of the art 
         2.2 Definition of research questions and/or hypotheses: description and exploration. 2.3 Operationalization of variables. 
         2.3 Operationalization of variables.
            2.3.1 Classification of variables.

    CP3 Study Designs
         3.1 Qualitative 
            3.1.1. characteristics
            3.1.2. participants
            3.1.3. qualitative research: secondary and primary sources
        3.2 Quantitative methods      
            3.2.1. characteristics of cross-sectional and longitudinal studies
            3.2.2 Sampling
         3.3 Experimental methods 
            3.3.1 Types of experimental studies
            3.3.2 Experimental designs
         3.4 Experimental techniques Data collection
            3.4.1 Questionnaires; interviews; observation
          3.4.2. online & face-to-face

    CP4 Ethics in human research 

    CP5 Presentation of scientific work 
         5.1 Written
         5.2. oral

  • Objectives


    LG1) interrogate reality, identifying psychosocial problems and their context; 
    LG2) review and present the most relevant literature; 
    LG3) set study objectives and select the appropriate type of methodology (quantitative or qualitative); 
    LG4) understand and anticipate the ethical issues associated with research and the role of ethics committees; 
    LG5) present their project using scientific language.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    This UC is taught in an essentially theoretical-practical way, alternating theoretical-thematic discussion, discussion of the literature, and practical exercises, with an important component of research work carried out under the guidance of the teacher(s).

  • References


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