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    Each year, several guest lecturers are invited in order to present their research work in the clinical psychology field.

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    This course does not have a fixed syllabus, as each year will be different invited lecturers/researchers. For each master class, students will be provided with the syllabus. Master classes will be dedicated not only to research in the field of clinical psychology and its contexts of application but also to clinical practice. Master classes will be hosted by highly recognized international and national researchers, faculty, or clinicians. Despite to address the main research domains in clinical psychology, the master classes will present special articulation with the research of the research lines of HEI-Lab, EPVC and FPED, such as technology applied to CBT assessment and intervention, clinical sexology, forensic psychopathology, clinical neuropsychology, and family, psychopathology, and psychological intervention.

  • Objectives


    LO1: Recognize the diversity of hot topics, themes and research questions, and settings of professional practice in clinical psychology domains.

    LO2: Compare different conceptual, theoretical, methodological, and clinical approaches in clinical psychology domains.

    LO3: Critically analyse the impact of conceptual, theoretical, and methodological diversity on clinical psychology research for the advancement of this scientific domain.

    LO4: Discuss and formulate scientifically oriented arguments about specialized research fields within clinical, psychology.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Although it uses a traditional expository methodology, complemented by the dynamics of questions and answers, this UC uses prominent national and international guests and is open to the entire teaching community, allowing the contact of students with themes of great relevance in the area of ¿¿study.

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    Não se aplica. Os docentes convidados fornecerão bibliografia de apoio à master class lecionada.


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