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    1. The various conceptions of the Corporate Group

    2. Regulatory models of corporate groups (no special regulation, general regulation vs. sectorial regulation, regulation based on contracts or based on a control relationship, etc.)

    3. The civil liability of the dominant companies towards the creditors of the dominated companies and in light of these de facto and legal groups in Portuguese law and of the directors of both (in the Portuguese corporate law and in comparative perspective)

    4. Corporate Groups  and rights (national and international - in particular, Community-European) for the protection of competition, employment, and insolvency


  • Objectives


    Knowledge of the problematic picture of the corporate group phenomenon, which is dominant in the international economy (protection of minority shareholders of dominant and dominant companies, dominant company creditors, dominated companies, requirements of group governance) and the regulatory models proposed and in force in the various countries; analysis of Portuguese positive law on the subject and possible solutions in the absence of specific regulation of de facto groups.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Seminar classes, with the previous presentation of the themes, launching of approach tracks by the Professor, who will invite and moderate presentations and discussion by the students. Some of these presentations will be made based on papers; the assessment will be based on the value of these writings and will be complemented by oral participation in classes.

  • References


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