Class Estudos Avançados de Direito Administrativo

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    This is a UC of advanced themes in administrative, national, European and comparative law.

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    Introduction: evolution and extension of the scope of Administrative Law. The major themes of current administrative law.

    I - The administrative legal relationship as a paradigm of current administrative law.

    II - The Europeanization of administrative law; the influence of the DUE on the evolution of administrative law in member states; the specific case of Portuguese law.

    III - The proceduralization of PA: principles of the procedure.

    IV - The contractualization of administrative activity: public contracting and the market.

    V - The age of digital administration: digitization, deformalization and citizen participation in AP activity; the “people, processes and technologies” trilogy.

    VI – The Democratization of Administrative Activity

    VII – Administrative law of economic regulation.

    VIII - Administrative law of post-modernity; the new juridical-administrative dogmatics.

    IX - Exercise of the administrative function by individuals

    X - Administrative litigation as private litigation

  • Objectives


    Learning objectives:

    1. Deepen and develop doctrinal and jurisprudential analysis, national and European, on current, complex and advanced topics of administrative law.

    2. Increase mastery of complex technical-legal and economic concepts of current, Europeanized and global Administrative Law.

    3.  Develop the ability to critically assess national and European jurisprudence.


    Acquisition of skills in the most relevant national and European legislative instruments, as well as in the research and preparation of works of an academic and scientific nature. Acquisition and development of skills to monitor the legislative process of drafting laws and regulations in the different areas of administrative law.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Classes are oriented in such a way as to reconcile the theoretical exposition of contents with the analysis of texts and Judgments, providing doctoral students with all the necessary theoretical support.

    The participation of doctoral students is encouraged through the discussion and preparation of some subtopics integrated in the main themes of the program.

    Priority is given to research and preparation of themes based on the study of some reference works, scientific articles on the themes included in the program, case studies decided by the Jurisprudence of our superior courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Also noteworthy is the analysis of decisions by administrative bodies, the European Commission and regulatory bodies (national and European).


    Work Paperr, about  one of the themes of the Program (60%); participation in the class discussion and oral presentation of the final research work (40%).

  • References


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    Maria do Rosário Pereira Cardoso dos Anjos


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