Class Research Seminar in Urban Planning

  • Presentation


    Support, with debate and sharing, to improve students' competencies to elaborate and conclude the final dissertation or project works.

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  • Syllabus


    Depending on the theme chosen for the development of the research work. The lines of investigation are duly described, defined according to the curriculum content and are coordinated by duly qualified teachers. In justified situations, and ensuring the quality of coordination, new lines can be created.


  • Objectives


    At the Urbanism Research Seminars, the doctoral student must present the research developed by him and actively participate in the debates.

    The Seminar aims to allow students a moment of reflection and sharing of the research developed, through a systematic presentation of the state of the art of the thesis. The most comprehensive objective is to meet and share opinions and reflections on the subjects under consideration by the faculty, invited experts and other students of the Course.

    Participating in the seminar aims to provide students with the opportunity to organize a systematic and synthesized presentation of the results of their research that allows understanding by third parties, endowing them with the ability to recognize the difficulties and potentialities of their research path, self-criticism and receptivity of diverse opinions. Providing the student with sustained criticism on issues related to urban themes.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The process of presenting research results explores students' communication skills and increases their familiarity with public presentations and responses to situations. This CU also encourages the organisation of conferences or other events of a scientific nature or involving communities, not only within the research centre but also in partnership with external entities. Attending scientific conferences and events, visits and other activities that boost research and improve results is also important.

  • References


    A bibliografia específica será da responsabilidade de cada Orientador/estudante mediante o assunto tratado no projecto de investigação.

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