Class Marketing Workshop

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    Discipline of practical application of Marketing tools, taught in Marketing theories and related areas, for strategic and operational planning for the development of an innovation area.

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  • Syllabus


    Within the scope of the elaboration of the assessment work of the atelier, the theoretical contents discussed in class and accompaniment to the work to be developed by the student are presented.

    1. Internal and external analysis. micro and macro environment – PESTLE analysis
    2. SWOT analysis and matrix – TOWS matrix
    3. Market analysis and attractiveness (5 forces model) Growth strategies
    4. Marketing objectives
    5. Formulation of Marketing strategies: differentiation and STP Model
    6. Marketing Mix (Price, Product, Distribution, Promotion)
  • Objectives


    The objective of the CU is to deepen the knowledge of Marketing through the making of a Marketing plan. To this end, an environment of problems generated by market uncertainty will be created, creating the need for the student to put into practice the knowledge learned throughout the course.

    It is expected that the student creates an intellectual building of logical and practical reasoning applied to marketing and possibly to be applied in the markets. 


  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Classes are taught in a practical environment with monitoring and final project guidance, with periodic presentations of the work, carried out according to the syllabus presented in class.

    Thus, throughout the semester, tasks guided by the teacher are carried out and work as elements of the work in progress of the final assessment work.

    Assessment:     A case study (20%)
                             Marketing Plan (70%)
                             Oral Presentation (10%)
    Minimum grade in the Case Study and in the Marketing Plan of 9.5 values. If the student has a classification below the established minimum grade, he/she fails the Continuous Assessment regime.

  • References


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  • Office Hours

    Office Hours

    Nome e contacto do docente Horário de atendimento Sala

    Fernando Angelino

    Sempre que solicitado pelos estudantes, a combinar no final de cada aula.  


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