Class Film Theory

  • Presentation


    A retrospective analysis of the main historical moments, theoretical currents, aesthetic movements, authors and films that compose the stories of cinema and their ideas.

  • Code


  • Syllabus


    1- Cinema nomenclature and impression of reality
    2- Archeology of cinema: Lumière and Méliès
    3- Image and movement
    4- Sound perception
    5- The French theoretical school and Soviet cinema
    6- The views of German Expressinonism: aesthetics, social and political history
    7- Hollywood cinema: the industrial dimension and major genres
    8- The realistic theory: Sigmund Kracauer and André Bazin
    9- Neo-realism: Roberto Rossellini and Italian cinema
    10- The Theoretical Filmmakers
    11- Portuguese Cinema: Manoel de Oliveira, António Reis / Margarida Cordeiro, Pedro Costa

  • Objectives


    Acquisition of knowledge about history, aesthetics and cinema theory in the Western context, so that the student can develop a grounded perspective on the mass languages that use the moving image and other approaches to the same subject.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Classes based on watching full-length films (short, medium-length and feature-length films) and their collective analysis in class. The dynamics of the classes are based on the experience of cinematographic narratives in a projection room and the pedagogical process is based on the dialogical exercise with students.

  • References


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