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    CU Basketball falls under the 1st cycle in Physical Education and Sport, scientific area Physical Education and Sport.
    It aims to provide basic and updated knowledge regarding the main questions of Basketball.
    It is intended that students who attend this UC acquire fundamental skills to guide the teaching of Basketball from pre-sports games to the formal game, adapting their knowledge to different levels of practical action.
    The understanding of teaching methodological progressions as well as the technical quality of students is crucial for the success and mastery of the teaching / learning process of Basketball.

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  • Syllabus


    CP1 - History of the sport; Laws of the game; Terminology and symbology.

    CP2 - Fundamental individual and collective technique (Offensive and Defensive).

    CP3 - Fundamental individual and collective tactic (Offensive and Defensive).

    CP4 - Pre-sports games; Games reduced and adapted (3x3).

    CP5 - Formal game 5x5.

    CP6 - Methodology for teaching basketball (Exercise Management; Communication and Group Management)

  • Objectives


    It is intended that students acquire knowledge and skills that allow planning, guide, evaluate and control the teaching-learning process of basketball.
    Defining the learning objectives (OA), it is intended that students who attend the present UC:
    OA1) develop specific knowledge and skills related to the teaching and pratice of basketball;
    OA2) know and apply the main individual and collective, offensive and defensive techniques of modality;
    OA3) know and apply the principles of the game;
    OA4) develop knowledge regarding the teaching methodology of tactics and techniques components;
    OA5) acquire the necessary skills for teaching basketball in school context, namely in terms of setting objectives, contents, methods, statements, use of keywords, feedbacks, significant situations, characterization of the game level.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Different teaching methodologies (TM) will be used: Demonstration, experimentation and practical exercise (TM1) Pedagogical practices in a simulated situation of planning, organization and intervention within the scope of teaching/learning (TM2) Resolution of practical cases (TM3), Small-scale activities group (TM4), Feedback information provided by the teacher about the work carried out (TM5).

  • References


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