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    This CU is part of the 1st cycle, and in the scientific area of Physical Education and Sport, and follows the guidelines of the Athletics Training Benchmarks, of the Portuguese Athletics Federation, included in the National Trainers Training Program, of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth. The CU addresses the theoretical and practical foundations of Athletics, allowing students to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills that ensure the ability to know, perform, and correct specific technical errors. Develop the ability to understand the different teaching models and the transmission of elementary skills for the creation and guidance of specific exercises that allow working on the main didactic problems posed in the teaching of Athletics. The technical execution capacity and the understanding of the teaching methodological progressions is crucial for the success in planning and mastering the teaching/learning process of this modality.

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  • Syllabus


    The syllabus to be addressed are:

    1. History and Evolution of Athletics
      1. Framework and Characterization of the Modality
      2. The Training of Young Athletes
      3. Introduction to "Kids Athletics"
      4. Organization of an Event
      5. Annual schedule of children's training
    2. The Development of Physical Condition in Training Levels
      1. Strength
      2. Resistance
      3. Training Evaluation and Control
    3. Speed and Relay Training
      1. Basic Technical Training with Young Athletes
      2. Speed Race Technical Model
      3. Speed and Relay Training
    4. Race Walking Training
      1. Initiation to Race Walking
    5. Middle and Long-distance Training
      1. Training for Middle and Long-distance Events
    6. Hurdling training
      1. Introduction to Hurdling
    7. Jump training
      1. Initiation to High Jump
      2. Initiation to Long and Triple Jump
    8. Throwing Training
      1. Introduction to Shot Put
      2. Javelin throw Introduction
      3. Introduction to Rotating Throws
  • Objectives


    The learning outcomes (LO) are:

    1.Knowledge and specific skills, related to teaching and training, and their respective methodologies;

    2.Knowledge for teaching preparatory and adapted games;

    3.Capacity to execute and correct technical-tactical, individual and collective elements, fundamental in the different subjects, knowing how to do the main techniques of the subjects addressed, and respecting the principles inherent to the progression in teaching, training and competition;

    4.Competencies inherent to the teaching and training of athletics in a school and sports context, namely in terms of: setting goals and contents; the use of different types and methods of demonstration; the use of appropriate keywords and feedbacks for the different levels.

    5.Ability to design lesson/training plans suited to the different contexts and characteristics of students, class times, materials/infrastructure available, and goals to be achieved.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The teaching methodologies (ME) are: Lectures (ME1); Resolution of practical cases (ME2); Viewing and discussing videos (ME3); Research and analysis of scientific articles (ME4); Activities in a small group (ME5); Demonstration, experimentation and practical exercises (ME6); Supervision and analysis in a real context (ME7)

  • References


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