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    This CU is part of the 1st cycle of Physical Education and Sport, in the scientific area of Physical Education and Sport, and addresses the fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge of handball, allowing students to acquire fundamental technical-tactical skills, and the ability to recognize and correct specific technical and tactical errors. It is also within the scope of this CU to develop the ability to recognize different teaching models, to transmit fundamental skills, and to guide specific exercises, which allow the identification of the main didactic problems in the teaching of handball. The understanding of teaching methodological progressions, as well as the technical quality of students, is crucial for their success and mastery in the teaching/learning process of this sport.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Initial Framework
    Handball initiation game presentation: from 4x4 to 7x7
    Young practitioner development stages and priority aspects to work on at different ages
    Training centered on the player and on the pleasure of the game
    2. Planning
    Pedagogical effectiveness factors: management, instruction and climate in handball exercises
    exercises and games
    Factors to take into account for the construction of exercises, class/training
    3. Game Components
    The different stages of the game
    Offensive and defensive individual technique and tactics
    4. Game methods and systems
    Offensive and defensive collective tactics
    General principles of the offensive and defensive game
    Initial organization models in games And4 through And7
    defensive systems
    Its use in the different stages of learning
    5. Area of ¿¿theoretical knowledge
    Game rules and historical evolution
    Handball terminology and symbology
    6. Adapted Handball and Beach Handball: Characterization, rules and philosophy

  • Objectives


    1. Identify the main characteristics of the initiation game up to the Senior game
    2. Understand the importance of the game in the initial stages of learning
    3. Identify and describe the general principles of the game
    4. Identify and describe the logic of reducing the game space and number of players in the initiation game
    5. Describe and characterize the Initial, Elementary and Mature stage, as well as the priority characteristics to work on in these stages
    6. Plan classes/trainings according to age, objectives and available resources
    7. Relate, interpret and plan individual actions and different offensive and defensive group relationships
    8. Describe the fundamental rules of the handball game, in its different variants
    9. Select the appropriate terminology and symbology for the handball game
    10. Understand the structure and main rules of Beach Handball

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Different teaching methodologies (ME) will be used: Demonstration, experimentation and practical exercise (ME1) Pedagogical practices in a simulated situation of planning, organization and intervention within the scope of teaching/learning (ME2) Resolution of practical cases (ME3), Visioning and discussion documentaries/videos (ME4), Small group activities (ME5), Feedback information provided by the teacher about the work carried out (ME6).

  • References


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