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About Us

Two University Centres... a world!

José Bragança de Miranda

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We are living very special times for our University: Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias and Universidade Lusófona do Porto are now a single higher education institution, with University Centres in the two major Portuguese cities.

Since its inception, in 1998, Lusófona University spearheaded significant development on all its levels of action: academic endeavours, research, internationalization and community outreach. This unique institutional development has enabled Lusófona University to position itself today as a reference university in the different higher education spaces where it operates.

I am honoured to be the Rector of Lusófona University (ULusófona) and very proud of the academic community I lead: students as well as teaching and non-teaching staff. I pledge to work relentlessly, with my whole rectoral team and confident of everyone’s support, to continue to advance the success of the students and the higher qualification of lecturers, elevating the reputation of our University through pedagogic innovation, investment in research and innovation, fostering internationalization, always with our commitment with diversity, equity and inclusion.

Students, teaching and non-teaching staff, and administrators, alumni and friends of the University, we will all strive to continue to build and develop ULusófona as the largest private higher education institution in Portugal, committed to the production, dissemination and preservation of knowledge and responsible know-how.

Through a growing number of study cycles and lifelong training initiatives, we are dedicated and qualified to provide education focused on the actual preparation and development of the academic, personal and social competencies necessary for the future. Our ambitious drive for research is aligned with the national and European priorities for development and sustainability, with special attention to the Portuguese-speaking Higher Education Space, in which we are a present and indispensable partner. We will continue to assert ourselves tenaciously, with high level of excellence and quality, in the development of the European Higher Education Area. Example of this commitment is FilmEU, the result of a consortium of 8 European schools to create a European University in the fields of Cinema and Media Arts, which may serve as reference for similar institutions. Led by ULusófona, this ambitious venture constitutes one of the European Union’s flagship projects within the scope of its “strategy for Universities”.

ULusófona is committed to winning the future and will continue to advance in the accomplishment of its mission as first-line university, presenting obvious competitive advantages and a historic path we pride ourselves on. Our institutional priorities are centred on the success of our students, based on an innovative pedagogic model and on the rigour of research and innovation, investing in internationalization, the involvement and service to society, never losing sight of the goals of diversity, equity and inclusion, pursuing the development of a cultural policy based on partnerships with the community. Mindful of the needs of digital transformation, without neglecting the well-being of all its workers and the constant fostering of the qualification of the teaching staff, ULusófona sees itself as a reference university nationally and internationally, with particular emphasis in the Portuguese-speaking world.

Given the new challenges it faces, the University needs to transform to be able to continue to be what it has always been: a space of autonomy and freedom, where knowledge and know-how are produced and developed. Out of necessity and essence, the University must be open to the world, becoming a point of intersection of learning; theoretical, applied, artistic and laboratorial research; cultural and social intervention in the community; and synergetic interaction with the business world and economic activity. It is all about being attentive and receptive, imbued with a critical outlook, to everything that strengthens our core mission of fostering knowledge.

Lusófona University
Two University Centres... a world!

Professor Doutor José Bragança Miranda

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