About Us

Mission and Objectives

About Us

Mission and Objectives

The Lusófona University is the largest private university in Portugal, being an integral part of the private and cooperative subsystem of Portuguese higher education.

The name of the University derives from the expression "Lusophone" which designates the common cultural and linguistic space demarcated by the use of the Portuguese language. Universidade Lusófona is the institution responsible for the scientific, cultural, social and economic development of this geographic and linguistic space with more than 200 million inhabitants.

Civil society and citizens in general expect Universities and higher education institutions in general to be one of the central poles for the development of their countries and their culture. In the midst of various constraints and adversities, and a national framework at a legal, economic and social level that is not always favourable, higher education, and in particular private higher education, has played this role in a globally positive way in Portugal over the last few years. thirty years.

The Universidade Lusófona managed to establish itself as the largest Portuguese higher education institution in the private and cooperative subsectors throughout this period.

Today, the demand for higher education reaches levels never seen in the past and higher education institutions are faced with an increasingly varied and diversified public. Many of these students represent different audiences, such as mature students or those of foreign origin, who pose new and stimulating challenges to the institutions.

At the same time, higher education institutions feel more and more the need to broaden the basis for the development of their activities, no longer focusing exclusively on the production and accumulation of knowledge, to be more actively concerned with the distribution and circulation of knowledge among the network of institutions and organizations that gather around it.

Thus, in parallel with students and professors, who were unique objects of University activity in the past, companies and other organizations are increasingly emerging as one of the central vertices of University activity and a core pillar of its growth and sustainability.


Massification, internationalization, innovation and entrepreneurship are terms that have become part of the vocabulary of University life and that it is important for each institution to be able to internalize them in their day-to-day activities.

The transformations in the profile of the institutions' target audiences have been accompanied by profound changes in teaching and training models, namely those resulting from the implementation of the Bologna Declaration. Above all, today higher education institutions are called upon to clearly define their role in society and what their contribution is to the social, economic and social development of the community in which they operate.

The main mission of Universidade Lusófona is to contribute, through science, innovation and teaching, to the scientific, cultural, economic and social development of Portugal and of all countries where the Portuguese language is spoken, and to its inclusion in a dynamic and highly competitive European space of science and higher education.

In order to pursue these objectives, the University develops training, research and service provision activities in the most diverse areas of knowledge relevant to society, and constantly and actively seeks to constitute itself as a valid and essential partner for all those who, like her, believe that higher education and knowledge are the main elements that drive the development and progress of our society.

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