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About Us

New Year, New Life

Manuel de Almeida Damásio

Ensino Lusófona President
Manuel de Almeida Damásio

Dear and Dear Students,

Another school year is about to end, and another is about to begin. To the Students who were successful in their academic goals, we wish them to achieve similar results professionally, socially and civically.

To this end, the University will continue to be a daily companion and friend, always available, whether to complement knowledge and update technologies, or to promote cultural, artistic or philanthropic initiatives.

To those students who, for a more or less reasonable reason, failed to achieve results as scheduled, we suggest a serious assessment of the causes of failure and a firm intention to overcome them, using the method of taking advantage of difficulties to make them opportunities.
To the new Students I offer special greetings for the decision to choose our University as "alma mater".

It was a matured dream that now comes true. Its realization implies choices. Opting for apparent facilities is giving in to dangerous temptations: climbing the mountain implies willpower, resilience, mobilization of energies, positive thinking. Up there, the horizons are endless, waiting for all ambitions and beckoning with victory.

Welcome to Lusófona. With you, we will live this stage of life with enthusiasm, during which you will grow in true wisdom, "mens sana in corpore sano", on the way to a prosperous and happy life.

Manuel de Almeida Damásio
President of Lusófona Ensino

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