About Us

Our Values

About Us

Our Values

The Lusófona University places diversity and inclusion at the center of all its activities and is committed to the open and critical dialoguethat sustains academic freedom.

The educational project of Lusófona University is based on the conviction that the active and committed participation of all students, professors and collaborators, in the activity of a higher education institution, is the only way it has to achieve the strategic objectives it proposes and have a significant social impact, which contributes to the effective scientific, cultural and economic development of the society in which it operates;

The Lusófona University defends the European values of respect for diversity and human rights, and believes that education, science and culture play a central role in promoting a fairer society, rich and diverse;

The Lusófona University is committed to the promotion of education, science and culture in all Portuguese-speaking countries;

Lusófona University constantly seeks transparency, placing public responsibility at the center of its teaching and research processes;

Lusófona University places its students, professors and collaborators administrative activities at the heart of all its activities, assuming that individual and collective development can only be achieved through the involvement of students and the training of teachers and collaborators as key components of the life of an educational institution higher education;

The Lusófona University promotes equity, inclusion and diversity, and is committed to eliminating all types of barriers in access to higher education, therefore, in access to the knowledge and opportunities it creates;

The Lusófona University believes that the performance of a higher education institution is reinforced through the incorporation of the institution's activities in local and regional contexts is where it is inserted;

The Lusófona University believes that the consolidation and development of its research and innovation activities is a fundamental requirement for the fulfillment of its mission and for the legitimation of its fundamental role in society. In this context, the institution defined as a priority the implementation of original and innovative models of education and research that reinforce the knowledge triangle and contribute to the development of the country as a whole.

Lusófona University is committed to a management model that creates spaces for dialogue and interaction between all the individuals who participate in it, ensuring that everyone's voice is heardand contributes significantly to the development and execution of activities of the University.

The educational project of Lusófona University is supported by a structure built on the central principles of collaboration and individual accountability in the implementation of a common mission based on shared values. By basing its work on these values, the University can contribute to a better, richer and humanist society.

The Lusófona University defends an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education oriented towards the pursuit of core values in contemporary teaching and research practices that position higher education institutions as pillars of a society where knowledge and competences that higher education provides are central.

The Lusófona University incorporates sustainability as a core value and is committed to constantly implementing sustainable practices in all areas in which it operates.

The Lusófona University has as its central value the principle that the training and development of individuals are essential for the pursuit of educational and scientific activities that positively impact the global development of our society.

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