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APTA Project Receives Fazer + Award

Conversations About...


It supports and rewards activities and projects that strengthen research and innovation capacity.

05.12.23 - 15h42

This time, we met with Ana Paula and Sara Pereira, Assistant Professors at the Sports Faculty of Universidade Lusófona - Centro Universitário Porto, who discussed the objectives of supporting and rewarding activities and projects that strengthen research and innovation capacity in Lusófona Education establishments, in light of the 4th edition of the "Fazer +: Programa de Apoio à Ciência e Inovação" project.

In a competition aimed at rewarding the best processes for integrating students into (R&D) activities, preferably in the initial study cycles, teachers Sara Pereira and Ana Paulo were awarded 1st place in the "Good Research Practices in Teaching" category with the APTA Project.

The APTA Project aims to examine and monitor post-Covid-19 health-related physical fitness levels in adults, as well as their association with sociodemographic and built environment characteristics. The different phases of the project will be integrated into the objectives and competences of four curricular units (CUs) of the Degree in Physical Education and Sport - Motor Development and Adaptation, Statistics, Exercise Physiology and Health and Physical Condition, and in the Master's Degree in Exercise and Well-being, more precisely in the Planning and Prescription of Exercise for the Promotion of Health and Well-being CU and in the Dissertation CU.

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