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Lusófona University is holding a series of special events as part of the "April 25 Commemorations" to reflect on the impact of the Carnation Revolution on Portuguese society. The varied program, enriched by conferences, exhibitions, seminars and much more, promises to provide a broad understanding of the significance of April 25 in the lives of the Portuguese.

Throughout these activities, students, professionals and thinkers will be able to address the influence of April 25 in various spheres, such as education, health, culture and the environment, recognizing the difference between before and after.

The event will not only reflect on the past, but will also cast a critical eye on the present and the future, underlining the continuing importance of this crucial date in the construction of Portuguese identity and democracy.

We invite everyone to take part in this unique event.


Conferences and Lectures

Cycle of Conferences


  • Veterinary Medicine with Everyone and for Everyone
  • The Futures of the Teaching Profession 50 Years After the Conquest of Freedom.

Film Screenings

Questionnaire Launch (Student Community)

  • April 25th and Sexual Rights

Round Table

April Physical Education Week

  • April Physical Education Week


  • Debate: April 25th and the Profession
  • Evolution of Initiatives Related to the Environment, Before and After April 25th
  • School and Teacher Culture
  • Construction of the ideology of April 25th and the youth

International Seminar

  • "Social Intervention and Professional Contexts": Children and Youth at Risk



  • Legacies of April for Thinking Democracy Today
  • Young People and the Historical Consciousness of the Revolution
  • Intellectuals and Political Decision Makers During the Democratic Transition
  • Lusophone University, Lisbon, Last Quarter 2024 or 1st Quarter 2025 Science and Higher Education
  • Social Inclusion and Disability
  • Contributions of the Lusophone University Project

Teacher Training

  • Initial Teacher Training - past and present in an Intergenerational Dialogue


  • III Spring Week of Sociomuseology: "April as a viable unknown"
  • #MusaFórum: III Spring Week of Sociomuseology
  • Webinar: "Organizing present memories: Calvet de Magalhães Fund"


  • 1820 Magazine
  • Edition of the Constitution of the Republic
  • Abandoned Animals - 20 years of the Veterinary Medicine Course at Ulusofona
  • The Revolutions of the Revolution (e-Book)

Publication in International Journal

  • Dossier of the Lusophone Journal of Education, Democratic management of schools and universities, in the 50 years of April
  • Special issue of the Lusophone Journal of Education, April's utopias in education for all


Book in International Publisher

  • Book proposed to Routledge The power of transgression. The Carnation Portuguese evolution and the Education Policies

Book in National Publisher

  • University Lusophone Editions Book; In the 50 years of the Veiga Simão Reform. Educational policies between continuities and ruptures; Proceedings of the Colloquium organized with HISTEDUP Editors


  • Creation of the Rogério Fernandes Chair at IE-FCSEA -- Chair on research in the History of the construction of a democratic school
  • OP Podcast. Edu Seen through the Magnifying Glass


  • Prohibited Books
  • Experiences of Popular Education, from the Collection of photographs by Manuel Brito provided by the Museum of Aljube Resistance and Freedom
  • "Between decolonization and coloniality (50+13)


Date and Hour

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 18:00
Thursday, May 16, 2024 18:00


Comunidade Lusófona


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