Class Trend Research

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    The trends cover various aspects of society: the consume, politics, social phenomenon, economical strategies, local costumes, cultural life, demographic evolution, scientific discoveries, costumes and attitudes. We propose transfer knowledge that allow the interpretation of that social signs into coerent presentation that aim specific targets

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  • Syllabus


    Cool Hunting vs Forecasting;



    Trend research;

    Intuitive search for trends;

    Precise analysis;

    Design Inspiration;

    Consumer behavior;

    Understanding the process of defining trends;

    Diffusion of trends;

    Global trend agencies;

    How to define, analyze and choose a trend;

    Media and Social Networks.

  • Objectives


    Ability to research and work influences;

    Ability to select and interpret trends;

    Ability to use different methodologies of data treatment;

    Recognize the importance of practical work and intuition in the creative process methodologies and techniques of trend prospection skills methodologies and techniques of trend presentation skills;


  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Through visual and exemplary presentations, various aspects of research and trend analysis will be focused. The work will be carried out in class and independently.
    The type of work is essentially practical, presupposing research, planning and execution. Assessment is continuous, requiring students to respect the rules of punctuality.

  • References


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