Class Fashion Communication II

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    The UC aims to assimilate the basic principles of a Communication Design project in the areas of layout and website. It seeks to develop aesthetic, conceptual and technical criteria that will allow the execution of a project to promote the fashion collection for printed and web support.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Fundamentals of Communication Design for the communication of fashion products in static and dynamic support: - Design methodology for layout and website projects.
    - Fundamentals of typography, composition, color and image, directed to layout and website projects.
    2. Types of web hosting and domain choice.
    3. Fundamental techniques and tools for layout and content management software, which are necessary for a communication project in the areas of motion graphics and website.
    4. Practical project: promotion of a fashion collection for printed and dynamic support.


  • Objectives


    The UC aims that the student acquires the basic principles of a Communication Design project in the areas of pagination and website, in order to be able to execute projects of divulgation of fashion collection for printed and web support with agility, rigor and aesthetic care.
    - Recognize and consistently apply Communication Design concepts for printing and the Web in terms of typography, color, image, composition and usability;
    - Use a design methodology in the project adjusted to the exercise of Communication Design in terms of layout and website.
    - Easily apply the techniques and tools of layout and Content management software necessary for the correct expression of the design concept.
    - Execution of a project to promote the fashion collection, expressing the fundamental concepts of Communication Design and technical rigor.
    - Consistent application of the same visual identity on different supports and objects.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    It is a theoretical-practical course that combines expositive interventions of the programmatic contents with the elaboration of exercises in pagination and content management software. Throughout the semester will be developed practical project with respective analysis in class.
    Semester evaluation

  • References


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