Class Fashion Production II

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    The Fashion Production II Curricular Unit seeks to develop in students skills for developing products that allow them to establish communication with the market, with the customer, with peers.

    The creation of communication supports that support the dissemination and commercialization of products and collections developed by the student is one of the concerns in Fashion Production II.

    Students will develop proposals for a collection of accessories for Styling or to accessorize the final collection and the brand's LookBook.

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  • Syllabus



    1. Forms or means of Promoting Brands or collections:
      1. The catalogue;
      2. LookBook;
      3. Brand Campaign - Collection Image;
    2. Collection of Styling Accessories: Materials, techniques, technologies.
    3. Creation of teams for Catalog/LookBook Production;
    4. Development of accessories and Props for Catalog/LookBook
    5. Photo shoot to create a LookBook
    6. Choosing images: post-production
    7. LookBook Graphic Composition


  • Objectives


    The objectives of this UC are:
    - Understand different ways that brands or designers have to present, promote or publicize collections/products;
    - Know what an editorial is, how it is constructed and its purpose;
    - Know different types and styles of magazines as well as the editorials published there;
    - Understand how an Editorial for a magazine is prepared.
    - Develop products/accessories for styling

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Through visual and exemplary presentations, several important aspects of the Fashion production. In the classroom context, the work proposed for evaluation will be developed and with monitoring by the teacher, however, must include some independent work time. The type of work is essentially practical, presupposing research, planning, organization and execution. A practice of student-centered teaching and learning by doing is encouraged, with the teacher being the facilitator of learning.

  • References


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