Class Modelling and Confection Workshop IV

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    The Atelier of Patternmaking and Manufacturing IV curricular unit is a fundamental field for Design and Fashion Production. Within Fashion Design, the deepening of the technical domains of patternmaking and ma are essential, from the development of a Chanel Coat for women, the realization of a knitwear project, to the idealization and development of a classic blazer for men, individual and practical work, throughout the semester.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Development of a Chanel Coat through the deepening of knowledge of various materials and patternmaking techniques, complemented by the techniques of manufacturing and respective finishes.

    2. Construction of a jacket lining: Chanel Coat and blazer.

    3. Development of patternmaking and manufacturing of a t-shirt, based on the individual project of Fashion Design IV.

    4. Deepening the patternmaking of a man's blazer: development of a blazer with techniques and domains essential for its construction.

    5. The practice of manufacturing in the development of garments, implies the accompaniment of a technical sheet for each work / garment.

  • Objectives


    1. Deepening of the technical domains of patternmaking and manufacturing.

    2. Know and implement the patternmaking and manufacturing of a Chanel Coat for women.

    3. Knitwear Project: development of patternmaking transformations of a t-shirt and its manufacturing.

    4. Know and implement the patternmaking and manufacturing of a blazer for men.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The course will be developed through theoretical-practical, expository and demonstrative sessions, and practical work of an experimental nature developed during class sessions. Foster also participatory that facilitate learning and promotion of the teacher/student interaction.
    The tutorial teaching will be fundamentally used in the monitoring of the project that will be carried out throughout the course unit.


  • References


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