Class Audiovisual Production Lab II

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    This course aims to idealise and produce the audiovisual content needed to publicise the end-of-course collection. It serves as an opportunity to apply and consolidate the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course in the different areas of audiovisual content production, in particular those taught in the subjects "Communication for Fashion I", "Communication for Fashion II" and "Audiovisual Production Laboratory I".

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  • Syllabus


    1. Technical and conceptual principles that enhance the development of distinctive audiovisual content in the context of disseminating and presenting a fashion collection. Such as:
    - Idealisation and planning of a communication package in print and on screen to publicise a fashion collection;
    - Designing and planning a set of videos to record and publicise the collection development process;
    - Application of techniques and tools associated with the hardware-software package needed to produce audiovisual content;
    - Application of techniques and tools associated with vector design, layout, image and web software, necessary for the production of printed and screen media;
    - Team organisation and communication strategies.
    2. Practical project: idealisation and production of audiovisual content for the communication and presentation of the end-of-course fashion collection.


  • Objectives


    As a course centred on disseminating the end-of-course collection, it presupposes the application of the technical and conceptual skills acquired throughout the course in Communication Design and Audiovisual Production, such as:
    - Idealising, planning and executing promotional content in printed form;
    - Idealising, planning and executing web content; 
    - Idealising, planning and executing video content to record and publicise a fashion collection;
    - Apply solid creative, conceptual and technical skills to the dissemination and presentation of the end-of-course collection.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    This is a theoretical-practical course aimed at devising and producing the audiovisual content needed to disseminate and present the end-of-course fashion collection. The media developed during the semester in a laboratory setting will have a concrete application in the process of disseminating the collection.

  • References


    Sendo esta uma disciplina de consolidação das disciplinas de “Comunicação para Moda I”, “Comunicação para Moda II“ e “Laboratório de Produção Audiovisual I”, remete-se a bibliografia para a indicada naquelas disciplinas.


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