Class Questões Teóricas e Éticas em Serviço Social

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    This UC presents the theoretical and ethical issues of Social Work in order to promote the analytical and reflective capacity of Social Work as a discipline and profession. The first part focuses on theoretical issues in social work, analysing the nature, objectives and values of social work, the construction of knowledge in social work, as well as the paradigmatic theoretical fields and theories of social work. The second part deals with ethical issues in Social Work, analysing the main currents of ethical thought and an understanding of the space for ethics in Social Work. Subsequently, it addresses deontological issues in the profession and analyses the challenges, ethical dilemmas and decision-making.

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  • Syllabus


    Part I. Theoretical issues in Social Work

    1.   Nature, aims and values of social work

    2. Construction of knowledge in social work

    2.1 The debates about the relationship between theory and professional practice: from scientific knowledge to "indigenous" knowledge

    2.2 For an integrated theory of social work - From eclecticism to integration

    2.3 Paradigmatic theoretical fields and theories of social work

    Part II. Ethical Issues in Social Work

    1. Ethics, Moral and Deontology

    1.1. Main currents of ethical thought

    2. Ethics and Social Work.

    2.1 National and international references

    2.2 From ethics to deontology in Social Work - Documents and guidelines

    3. Contemporary trends and ethical challenges in Social Work

    3.1 Challenges, ethical dilemmas and decision making

    3.2 Reflexivity and ethical commitment in contemporary societies

  • Objectives


    • To analyse reflexively the nature and values of S.W and its professional identity
    • Understand and critically discuss the process of knowledge construction in S.W. and the challenges associated with the articulation between scientific and practical knowledge
    • Know and systematize the paradigms and theoretical approaches of the S.W. and its contributions to the (re)construction of knowledge and respective applications in professional practice
    • Discuss ethics and the OS in the individual and collective dimensions and in the political-institutional context
    • Reflect on the intervention of the S.S. based on Human Rights and on the international and national ethical framework and guidelines
    • Analyse and discuss ethical and deontological questions and dilemmas in the intervention in S.W.
  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The course unit will favour a mixed methodology that integrates moments of presentation and deepening of specific contents by the teacher with a dimension of debate and critical analysis of reference texts. The curricular unit integrates, simultaneously

    i) the traditional model with the presentation of concepts, frameworks and theoretical reflections

    ii) the participatory model centred in the student, through strategies and dynamics that promote the participation of students in the joint construction of theoretical and practical knowledge, promoting its apprehension and the development of personal and professional reflexivity.


  • References


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