Class Métodos Avançados de Investigação em Psicologia Clínica

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    A UC irá apresentar e discutir com os estudantes os pressupostos e metodologias de investigação aplicadas à psicologia clínica.

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  • Syllabus


    CP1. Assumptions of evidence-based scientific knowledge

    CP2. Science and pseudoscience in clinical psychology

    CP3. Models of evidence-based assessment and intervention

    CP4. Research process: from the idea to the dissemination

    CP5. Development, adaptation, and validation of research instruments for the clinical context

    CP6. Longitudinal designs in clinical psychology research

    CP7. Design, implementation, and evaluation of research on the psychotherapeutic process

    CP8. Studies on outcomes of psychological intervention

    CP9. Meta-analysis and systematic literature review

    CP10. Research ethics in clinical psychology

  • Objectives


    LO1. Discuss how the research methods contribute to the development of empirical scientific knowledge in the field of clinical psychology

    LO2. Distinguish examples of science and pseudoscience in psychology by applying critical thinking procedures

    LO3. Apply the assumptions of evidence-based assessment and intervention

    LO4. Evaluate the psychometric quality of the psychological measures, including procedures for instrument development, adaptation and validation.

    LO5. Critically compare the main research methods in clinical psychology, assessing their advantages and disadvantages, according to the research objectives for the clinical context.

    LO6. Plan an empirical study in clinical psychology

    LO7. Discuss the ethical implications in conducting research in clinical psychology

  • References


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