Civil Protection - Conditions and Challenges

Reflect the organization and coordination of assistance and the roles of municipal services.

02.05.23 - 14h55

The Micro-Credential Seminar on Project and Leadership in Civil Protection Actions, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technologies and Lusófona University - University Center of Porto, took place in the Sala Nobre of the Lusófona University from 9 hours of April 22.

The Seminar had the participation of Dr. Marco Martins, Mayor of Gondomar and the Porto District Commission for Civil Protection, who addressed the competences, means and perspectives for municipal civil protection services. The action of the SMPC, Municipal Civil Protection Service, fundamental roles and limits of performance were topics addressed during the Seminar.

Professor Dr. Jorge Bacelar Gouveia, President of the Law and Security Institute and of the Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism Observatory, addressed the contradictions and opportunities for improving civil protection legislation.

Professionalization in the Civil Protection sector, skills and qualification requirements were topics addressed by the President of the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection, Brigadier General José Manuel Duarte da Costa.

To end the seminar, there was an opportunity for a debate on the legal aspects and organization of civil protection, including the local level.

Full Summary and Conclusions


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