The Best Choose ULusófona

On the Path to Excellence for a Fulfilled Future!

27.10.23 - 16h53

Universidade Lusófona honours the students with the best secondary and vocational school grades who enter our institution with scholarships of excellence and continues to reward the merit of those who stand out from the rest during their academic career.

Today we meet some of the students who shared with us their stories and experiences from secondary school and who, with dedication and determination, entered ULusófona and the course they dreamed of.

Join them, experience their inspiring stories, learn about their journey, the challenges they overcame and their focus on the course and the area they want to study and work in.

May this focus on "I know what I want to do when I grow up..." serve as an example and inspiration for all those who wish to enter higher education and, above all, realise their academic path and the professional career they aspire to.

We wish all the students at Universidade Lusófona an excellent academic year.


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