Seminary International Symposium on Yoga, Science, Training and Quality of Life

Scientific meeting on the science and practice of Yoga and its influence on sport and healthy living


  • Anyone interested in Yoga, Science, Training and Quality of Life


  • English


  • Mandatory use of Yoga mattress and practice clothes for participation in the workshop.


  • 6 to 8 hours


9:30 am / 10:00 am - Opening session

  • António Pereira
  • Paulo Barata
  • Prof. Dr. Jorge Proença (Director of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports)
  • Ambassador of India (To be confirmed)

10:30 am - Modified States of Consciousness in Yoga and Sport

  • Alexandre Ramos 

11:10 - The importance of strength in training and yoga

  • Luis Monteiro 

11:50 am - Breathing in Training and Yoga

  • Raquel Madeira 

12:30 - Yoga in Football

  • Antonio Pereira 

13:15 - Break for lunch

3:00 pm - Yoga without borders

  • Dimitrios Vassiliadis 

3:40 pm - Yoga-Sútra by Pátañali, the Ethical Principles and Values of Yoga

  • José Carlos Calazans 

4:20 pm - The Idea of India, contributions to world science and its influence on its neighbors

  • Subhash Kak 

5:15 pm / 6:45 pm - Yoga Workshop

  • António Pereira (1h30) 
  • Yoga class, with eight techniques, such as: mudrá, pujá, mantra, pranáyáma, kriya, asana, yoganidrá, samyama.
  • Clarification of doubts about the practice and techniques of Yoga.

7:00 pm - Closing of the International Yoga Symposium

  • António Pereira
  • Paulo Barata
  • Prof. Dr. Jorge Proença (Director of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports)


  • Alexandre Ramos - PhD in Psychology, University of Algarve Post-doctoral diploma in Human Motricity, University of Lisbon
  • António Pereira - PhD student in Physical Education and Sport, at Lusófona University (ULHT), Yoga Teacher
  • Dimitrios Vassiliadis - President of the Hellenic-Indian Society for Culture and Development (ELINEPA), Director of the Athens Center of Indian & Indo-Hellenic Studies, President of the Greek Indian Business Association (GIBA)
  • José Carlos Calazans - Resident Researcher at the Center for Philosophy of Sciences at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Director of the Indian Studies section of the Portuguese Journal of Religious Sciences
  • Luis Monteiro - Doctorate in High Performance in the area of Explosive Strength, Power and Resistance of Explosive Strength in Top-Elite and Elite Athletes in Judo
  • Raquel Madeira - PhD in Human Motricity. Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, at Universidade Lusófona, Director of the Degree in Physical Education and Sport
  • Subhash Kak - Membro do Conselho Consultivo de Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação do Primeiro Ministro Indiano (PM-STIAC), Professor / Distinguished Professor, Louisiana State University, 1979 - 2007  



Date and Hour

Saturday, October 28, 2023
10:00 - 19:00


Saúde e Ciências da Vida


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Centro Universitário Lisboa - Auditório Agostinho da Silva


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