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Green Lusófona - Electric Mobility

Green Lusófona

Electric Mobility

The University is central to the entire public transport network , is at the heart of the electric and ecological mobility project in the city of Lisbon and already has two fast charging stations for electric vehicles connected to the MOBI.E network.

Rules for using electric vehicle charging stations:

  • Each station allows the charging of two vehicles simultaneously;
  • The use of posts by all students, professors and employees of Universidade Lusófona and other COFAC institutions is authorized ;
  • Each use is subject to a maximum charging period of 2 hours;
  • To use it, simply pick up one of the 4 cards deposited at the PUI - Single point of service, requesting them from the employee by indicating the student/teacher/employee number;
  • Instructions for using the card and charging the vehicle are indicated at the charging stations;
  • In case the card is not returned within a maximum period of 2 hours, the user is automatically prohibited from making new top-ups.

Where can I find charging stations?
Next to the "E" and "S" buildings.


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