Green Lusófona

Green Lusófona - Recycle | Reduce | Refuse

Green Lusófona


The University acquired several ecopoints that will be placed throughout the campus so that everything that cannot Reuse can Recycle.


The proactivity and creativity of the students, from CBIOS - Universidade Lusófona, resulted in the creation of a Christmas tree and nativity scene with laboratory materials (recycled).

Lusófona produces Ecoponto at Labtec - Lusófona creates and produces its Ecoponto within the scope of the application of the Faculty of Engineering of ULHT to the "Eco Schools" program. It is authored by João Pedro Maia, in a joint production between Labtec (ULHT's prototyping laboratory) and the Facility Management Department. This Ecopoint combines digital production technologies and the knowledge of manual work, in a piece that is intended to be easy to produce and use.


  • University is changing all campus bulbs to LED bulbs.

  • During 2019, photovoltaic panels will be placed on the campus that will produce all the electrical energy necessary for its operation, making us self-sustainable.

  • In May we finished the water reservoir that allows us to use rainwater as sanitary water.

  • Let's start the dematerialization of our supports. All works, dissertations, theses, etc. must be submitted via moodle and CD's and DVD's will not be delivered.

Let's think about our responsibility to the Environment .
DID YOU KNOW THAT to produce 1 ton of white paper it is necessary to cut down 11 trees?

Don't print and don't ask to print

Our services will be encouraged to dematerialize the processes, printing only the tax by law or regulated.

We can all reduce

Whether at university or at home, using water and energy rationally and replacing plastic bags, cups and bottles with ecobags, mugs and glass bottles, or using digital media encouraging non-printing.


Refuse what is not necessary, such as spoons, straws, plastic bags and straws, disposable cups, leaflets that are not of interest to you, etc.


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