Green Lusófona

Green Lusófona - Change Attitudes and Behaviors

Green Lusófona

Change Attitudes and Behaviors

While accomplishing our sustainability strategic vision, the institutions of Ensino Lusófona have been promoting a change in the attitudes and behaviour of all those who daily intervene in the life of the institution. Each one of them have taken simple measures to foster recycling, reduction, accountability, refusal and respect for others and the environment.

The pilot project was carried out at the Lusófona University campus, in Lisbon, with:

Put the butts in the ashtrays

Every minute 7,000 butts land on the floor. Butts are a type of waste highly contaminating water and dangerous for children and animals, taking more than 20 months to decompose in nature.

Vending Machines

The vending machines available at the university will be adapted to provide only recyclable cups and straws.

Water Dispensing Machines

We are studying, together with the companies that supply the machines and the demijohns, the best way to use recyclable cups for visitors and encourage employees to use glass bottles or others of equal durability.

Use of glass bottles and others of equal durability

With the support of the Lisbon Town Hall, which offered the bottles, Lusófona University no longer uses plastic bottles and cups in conferences, thesis and dissertation defences, and has given staff reusable bottles. Water dispensers have also been installed throughout the campus.

Renewable Energies - Photovoltaic Panels

Aligned with the environmental policy Lusófona University has adopted, photovoltaic panels have been installed on campus so as to contribute to the production of electric power.
The photovoltaic power plant, UPAC (production unit for private consumption) will ensure an estimated production of 30% of the campus needs (annual production of 400,000 kW for a total consumption of 1,400,000kW) thus reducing our environmental footprint by lowering carbon emission.

Electrical mobility

The University's location being within easy reach of the entire public transportation network is at the centre of Lisbon's electrical and environmental mobility project. It already has two Rapid Charge stations in operation for electric cars with a connection to the MOBI.E network.


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