International Students

Amounts Payable

International Students

Monthly Fee Information

  • Foreign/International Students benefit from the same tuition fees as all other students.

  • Monthly fees are paid by the 8th of each month.

  • International / foreign students, in accordance with the service order nº 8/2019 must pay the first 2 monthly fees upon registration/enrollment.

  • See the different values per course.

At the time of Enrollment/Registration

Registration + enrollment + school insurance + 2 monthly fees

Tuition (monthly fee)

See the page with information about tuition fees (monthly fees) / course. See also the

rules applied to the payment of tuition fees for foreign students.

Remember that in Portugal monthly=fees and fees=fees.

Payment information

  • Digital: Credit Card and Paypal

  • In person: ATM or cash

Applicants who pay by VISA or Paypal must send proof of payment to the email

Any doubt regarding payments must be exposed to the Treasury via email:

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