Hei-Lab Studying the Mental Health of Veterinary Medicine Professionals

To investigate stress levels, suicidal behavior, burnout and fatigue in professions related to the veterinary field

02.07.23 - 13h37

Olga Cunha, Lecturer at Universidade Lusófona and Researcher at Hei-Lab - Digital Human-Environment Interaction Lab (integrated into ULusófona), carried out a study to understand the levels of stress, suicidal behavior, burnout and fatigue associated with activities related to veterinary practice, namely in medicine and nursing contexts, with the conclusions pointing to high problems in this context.

The study concluded that:

  • More than half of the respondents acknowledged the existence of anxiety, depression and stress symptoms, with more than 25% of each group presenting severe symptoms.
  • The level of suicidal behavior and suicidal thoughts are cause for concern, admit the authors in the course of the investigation. More than 25% reported regular self-harm and more than 15% have significant suicidal thoughts.
  • The level of compassion fatigue and burnout were also indicated by 5% of each group.

The work, the result of a partnership between Hei-Lab and the Psychology Center of the University of Porto, resulted in the presentation of a poster presented at the IV International Congress of CINEICC - Research Center in Neuropsychology and Cognitive and Behavioral Intervention.< /p>

Also watch the recording of the Workshop held at Universidade Lusófona, dedicated to this important topic, “Mental Health in the Veterinary Profession”.

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